Reface. Refresh. Repair.

Browne's Contracting offers everything you need to protect and update your home's brick exterior.

  • Tuckpointing

    When the mortar between your bricks has cracked or deteriorated, we can remove it and replace it with fresh mortar for a cleaner, more polished look. It keeps the bricks from getting damaged, and protects them from rain and snow. We can tuckpoint a small area that needs repair (in which case we dye the mortar to match the weathered mortar elsewhere on your exterior), or we can repair your entire facade.

  • Parging

    Replacing the cement along the outside basement walls and the foundation improves the look of your exterior walls and protects against rain and snow.

  • Brick replacement

    When we replace broken or deteriorated bricks with new ones, we are always careful to match colours so the new bricks blend seamlessly with the ones that have been there for years.

    Brick Replacement
  • Chimney repairs and rebuilds

    Our masonry expertise ensures you'll have a safe chimney that looks good and functions beautifully.

    Chimney repairs and rebuilds
  • Masonry and small repairs

    Small fixes maintain the look and value of your home.

    Masonry and small repairs
  • Bricking in doors and windows.

    If you need to close off a door or window, we will brick it in with materials that match what's already there, and keep your exterior looking great.

    Bricking in doors and windows
  • Brick tinting

    Efflorescence, a moisture-related discolouration, can change the colour of your bricks, coating them with a powdery white substance. Tinting the bricks is an easy, inexpensive way to get them back to their original colour. We go over each brick with dye; it looks great and lasts for years - the colour sinks into the surface of the brick, and won't come off, no matter what kind of weather it is exposed to.

    Not all types of bricks are suitable for tinting. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

    Brick tinting
Want your bricks to be beautiful again? Get in touch with us today, and we'll come out to your home for a no-obligation quote.
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